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Prague Reality
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Company's mainstays


Company's registered capital and assets
In the course of time the Company has succeeded in boosting both its movable & immovable assets and the registered capital. Up to now PRAGUE REALITY has managed to acquire a number of real property items within the Czech Republic, and the firm's registered capital, as recorded in the Commercial Register, amounts to 10 million CZK.

Insurance against business-related risks & job-related liabilities

Since its very inception the Company has been trying hard to make its activities safe and reliable. Our Clients are protected from risks potentially involved in, for instance, the management of real property and other activities of the Agency by our policy taken to insure business-related risk up to the sum of 10 million CZK. Moreover, the Corporate Secretary has a policy worth of 1 million CZK to cover his job-related liabilities. In both cases the policies have been underwritten with the Kooperativa pojišťovna, a.s. insurer.

Membership in the Association of Real Estate Offices in the Czech Republic
PRAGUE REALITY is a team of professionals. Membership in this association in the Czech Republic is a guarantee of quality of provided services, as well as high expertise, respectability and regular training and education of our employees.

Registered trademark
The name of PRAGUE REALITY epitomizes quality and unique services. The Company's graphical and textual logos, as executed in all color patterns, constitute a trademark and as such they are registered with the Industrial Property Office of the Czech Republic.

Membership in Chamber Commerce in the Czech Republic
PRAGUE REALITY pays regard to the ethics of enterprising. We are genuinely a Czech company and therefore we try to create Czech business environment and contribute to the growth of Czech economy. Membershin in prestige Chamber of Commerce enables us to be competitive with major economic subjects in the Czech Republic.

Certification by Hypoteční banka, a.s.
PRAGUE REALITY provides its Clients with a broad range of services related to the real property business. Since its establishment the Agency has been cooperating with a number of banks and saving institutions trying to provide its Clients with the most beneficial and effective "customized" solutions aimed to finance their real property purchases. Our leading partner in the area of financing is Hypoteční banka, a.s.

Membership in the CR Registry of Comparative Real Property
PRAGUE REALITY is a renowned player at the Czech real property market and one of the first Agencies assuming membership in the CR Registry of Comparative Real Property. The Registry keeps records of business transactions categorized as real property sales on the Czech market, it supervises the transactions for propriety and offers the data thus gathered to authorities, experts and other institutions to be used for the development of pricing maps, indices & coefficients, statistical surveys and so on.

Membership in the CR Association of Owners of Houses & Apartments
As an owner and keeper of tens of flats, apartment houses and other real property items the Company tries to have the freshest information available, to keep in the hub of activities, and to play an active role in creating the legislative environment of the trade. For a few years now PRAGUE REALITY is a member of the CR Association of Owners of Houses, Apartments and Other Real Property

Registration by the Office for Personal Data Protection
PRAGUE REALITY honors the privacy of its Clients and takes every precaution to keep their personal data in strict confidentiality. To make sure the documents mislaid by authorities or the Client themselves are not lost for good, we archive the deeds and documents related to the individual business transactions for several years. PRAGUE REALITY is registered at the Office for Personal Data Protection.

ŘÍMSKÁ 45, 120 00 PRAHA 2, TEL/FAX: 224 916 054
TEL: 224 919 363, 224 921 399, 224 918 385, 224 920 973, 224 919 198