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Something over and above

PRAGUE REALITY is a dynamic company operating on the Czech market for many years now. Our offer of real property is advertised through all media. In addition to the common methods of never-ending press and Internet campaigns, advertisements carried on vehicles, and information spread in radio broadcasting, we can mention a few more examples: billboard campaigns staged in 2003, 2004 and 2006 in Prague; the Company's presentation at EXPO REAL, a prestigious International Real Property Fair held in 2004 in Munich; or the autumn 2004 campaign taking place on boards of aircraft landing at the Ruzyně Airport. Since our very beginnings we have endeavored not to rely on just casual customers and short-lived market booms and done our best to keep "in the limelight", and maintained a steady pace in building the Company's renown and stability for the years to come.
     As the years passed, PRAGUE REALITY has come to partner and sponsor all sorts of projects and events that benefited and still continue to benefit others. The partnerships thus created live on. Let us browse through the tens of projects aimed to support art, sports and charity, and select the major ones, those we are particularly proud of:

The "PRAHA-PRAZE" (PRAGUE FOR PRAGUE) Project, (in response to the autumn 2002 floods)

To cope with the consequences of the disastrous inundation that hit Prague in autumn 2002, the Pragoline Publishing House fathered a unique project called PRAHA PRAZE; the project tied together companies with the name of Prague included in their business names in an attempt to provide fast and effective help and restore the deteriorated areas of the city. The Project yielded, among other things, a singular book entitled Prague Intimate Touches (Intimní doteky Prahy) presenting a set of old Prague views in paintings by Robert Kessner with articles by well-known representatives of public life. All proceeds from the Project were handed over to Mr. Jan Burgermeister, the Mayor of Prague 1, at a gala night, to go into the restoration of Prague 1 historical landmarks. PRAGUE REALITY was the principle sponsor of the Project.


Intimní 2.jpgIntimní 2.jpgIntimní 3.jpgIntimní 4.jpgIntimní 5.jpg

The "VŠECHNO NĚCO STOJÍ" (There's a price tag to everything) Project, (since 2003)

The VŠECHNO NĚCO STOJÍ Project emerged from cooperation with Jindřich Kraus, a Pragoline publisher, as an effort intended to lend a helping hand to fledgling authors - writers. PRAGUE REALITY undertook to finance publishing and distribution of a successful book of short stories entitled There's a price tag to everything by a beginner author Kateřina Zelingrová. The stories linked into a cycle will be appreciated equally by girls, ladies and gentlemen, since they depict the ups and downs, love, partnership, marriage, motherhood and other major and minor events in life of an adolescent girl, young lady, partner, lover, wife and mother, using a contemporary language with a touch of irony. The book is accompanied by a dedicated set of artistic photographs by Martin Poupě.



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The JOKER RALLY TEAM Project (since 2004)

The JOKER RALLY TEAM Project is a long-term effort of PRAGUE REALITY devised to support motoring sport. Initially the Agency co-sponsored the individual motoring events and races, but in spring 2004 it signed a contract with a racing team of Ivan Pistulka and Klára Šillerová, and the signature launched a project of lasting cooperation that made PRAGUE REALITY to buy its first racer car - Škoda Fabia RS Sport. Racing fans can encounter the Pistulka - Šillerová team in their PRAGUE REALITY Fabia Sport car at the tracks as participants in domestic events, but also in their capacity as racing event organizers (Diesel Cup 2006).


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The FOLKBOUTIQUE Project (since 2003)

In 2003 the aid given to artists and authors was extended to cover the FOLKBOUTIQUE Project. This effort, relying on Jaroslav Holán, a folk singer and musician, as its major author, aims to establish a special Internet portal and Internet shop designed to provide information on primarily folk and ethnic music. The relevant website (FOLKBOUTIQUE.CZ) will offer the visitor the latest information on interpreters, pieces of music to be issued, the calendar of events being prepared or already ongoing, and give him or her a chance of buying an album currently published. PRAGUE REALITY is the principle partner of the Project.



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